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Prince front row sofa

This particular front row sofa belongs to the ‘Prince’ range with a micro sofa, electric recliner and static arm chair for company.

This enables you to mix and match in order to best utilise the space you have available, whilst keeping with a theme to create a look that flows…

These were designed primarily to give the Wow factor to one of the commercial cinemas that we sell to and are becoming a clear favourite amongst home and commercial cinema users. A lot of us appreciate getting really comfortable in bed to watch TV, or to have a nice armchair in a traditional home cinema but this Hybrid product enables you to do both.

The front row sofa’s are dramatic, big, bold statements and the best thing to literally crash out & get comfy on with the kids or dogs or both! Giant cupholders are fitted of course.They are purposefully enormous and as with all of our upholstered range are borne out of our desire to provide products for Cinemas  its what we do!

There are also Themed versions and their size enables us to be creative Art Deco, James Bond, anything you like! The bespoke themed versions obviously come at a price that reflects the lengthy R&D process for a new product but you can then have something that nobody else has and be the envy of your friends and the talk of the school playground.

Please note: if you would like to purchase products in our Designer Seating range, please contact us for a price.


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